Audible Alarm Systems


For those with basic alarm requirements our Audible Alarm Systems range is specifically designed to bring attention to your property in the event of an intrusion.

Easily managed, they include a control panel as well as an assortment of detection and warning devices – which are fitted internally and externally to instantly alert you and your neighbours of a security breach.


Monitored Alarm Systems


For enhanced security Castle Technical Solutions Ltd can also install Monitored Alarm Systems that are supervised 24/7 365 days a year by an independent alarm receiving centre (ARC).

Our Monitored Alarm Systems allow the appropriate authorities – such as the police or fire services – to be contacted via the ARC to handle the alarm activation in a matter of minutes.


Alarm assistance available all year round


The proprietary alarm systems we install are unmatched in the local market. Our solutions are also designed to meet – and in many cases exceed – British and European Standards including BSEN 50131 and all relevant insurance grades.

Castle Technical Solutions Ltd have extensive experience of all alarm types. So whether you're needing wired or wireless alarm

systems fitted or upgraded you’re assured our solutions protect you to their full potential.